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"One commandment I give you to love one another."-Christ

Our Mission

With faith in God, we seek to:

  • Enhance our faith in the One Holy, Catholic (Universal) & Apostolic Church
  • Share the ancient Faith of Orthodoxy
  • Foster mutual love & unity amongst all the people
  • Do Charitable Works
  • Preserve our Serbian Orthodox tradition & culture
  • Contribute to the religious, cultural & ethnic richness of the city we live in

Faith can save us only if united with and expressed in good works, inspired by the love of God. 

- St. Sava

Schedule of Church Services July 2024
Schedule of Church Services August 2024
Schedule of Church Services September 2024
Schedule of Church Services April 2024


For more information, please check out the website: 

The movie is spiritual, liturgical, inspirational, educational and very interesting...

It promotes pilgrimages here in United States.

It reveals a different kind of prayer. It talks about safety on mountains and beauty of nature. It promotes camaraderie and fellowship.

Schedule of Church Services May 2024
Schedule of Church Services June 2024
Welcome message from Fr. Dragan Petrovic:

Ancient Faith Radio



Orthodoxy in America

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